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Council Wide (all departments) Publications

Disability and Age Action Group Agenda for Meeting 12th December 2012 (159KB MS Word doc)
ACAS - Religion or Belief and the Workplace (1.38MB Adobe Acrobat pdf)
Adult Literacy Levels in Scotland (871KB Adobe Acrobat pdf)
Adult Services Performance Report (43KB PDF)
Allotment Consultation Document (1.47MB PDF)
Annual Report on Complaints (448KB PDF)
Ardler Safer Travel Leaflet
Attendance Initiative Policy and Procedure, Equality Impact Assessment (209KB PDF)
Bid Document as submitted 09 July 2008 (5.5MB PDF)
Calendar of Events (19KB PDF)
Children's Services Performance Report (41KB PDF)
Clepington Safer Routes to School Leaflet
Code of Practice on the Duty to Promote Race Equality in Scotland (441KB Adobe Acrobat pdf)
Coldside Map (1.2MB PDF)
Communities Performance Report (32KB PDF)
Complaints Procedure Leaflet (405KB PDF)
Constitution for the Dundee Alexandria Twinning Association (50KB MS Word doc)
Consultation on Public Sector Equality Duty Draft Regulations and Order (2.9MB PDF)
Consumer Expert Group Report Internet and Disabled Access 2009 (1.01MB PDF)
Council Plan for Dundee 2003-2007 (350KB PDF)
Craft Makers Award: Dundee Guidelines, September 2009 (206KB PDF)
Craigiebarns Safer Routes to Schools Leaflet
Craigowl Safer Routes to School Leaflet
Curriculum for Excellence Leaflet (101KB PDF)
Customer Services Performance Report (47KB PDF)
DDA Proving Disability and Reasonable Adjustments (643kb MS Word doc)
DDA Sickness Absence Guidance (38kb MS Word doc)
Dens Road Safer Routes to School Leaflet
Detailed Budget Proposals (32KB PDF)
Directory of Local Organisations Form (170KB PDF)