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Education Publications

2 Year Old Nursery Application 2016-2017 (PDF 219KB)
600 Hours of Early Learning and Childcare for 2 Year Olds (235.22 PDF)
Accessibility Strategy 2013-16 (191KB PDF)
Additional Services in Nursery and Early Years Centres (PDF 357KB)
Admission to Dundee Nursery Schools/Classes - Information for Parents (PDF 300kb)
Anti-Bullying Guidelines (242KB PDF)
Anti-Bullying Leaflet (414KB PDF)
Application for Formal Dispute Resolution
Assessing Support Needs Leaflet (425KB PDF)
Attendance Management Leaflet (350KB PDF)
Attending Pupil Support Planning Meeting Leaflet - Information for Parents and Carers (462KB PDF)
Attending School Every Day Counts 483KB
Becoming a Working Parent (PDF 229KB)
Bilingual Pupils' Support Service - Guidelines for Good Practice (2MB PDF)
Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit (PDF 218KB)
Childcare Voucher Information (PDF 223KB)
Choosing a Childminder (PDF 242KB)
Choosing a Nanny (PDF 236KB)
Choosing a Nursery (PDF 237KB)
Choosing a Parent and Toddler Group (PDF 213KB)
Choosing a Playgroup (PDF 236KB)
Choosing an Out of School Care Service (PDF 236KB)
Choosing High Quality Childcare (PDF 230KB)
Choosing Nursery Education for Three and Four Year Olds (PDF 138KB)
Co-ordinated Support Planning Leaflet - Information for Parents and Carers (457KB PDF)
Common Ground Mediation
Complaints Leaflet (252KB PDF)
Composite Classes - A Guide for Parents (28KB PDF)
Consultation & Communication Strategy (261KB PDF)
Dispute Resolution Leaflet - Information for Parents/Carers and Young People (236KB PDF)