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One Site Plan for Primary

A proposal to integrate St Mary's Primary into one location will be considered by the education committee on Monday (Feb 28).

The school is the only city council educational establishment still occupying a split site. A recommendation is being made to bring the currently separate infant and nursery classes into the main St Mary's building.

A report to the committee details how the current split site has led to a number of problems for education and safety caused by children having to travel through an underpass beneath the Lochee bypass between buildings.

"The smooth running of the school is disrupted owing to daily movement between the two buildings," the report states. Meanwhile, curriculum work like IT is only available in the main building.

The larger school site would be able to accommodate the nursery and infant classes and large rooms would be modified as part of any move.

Education convener Cllr Liz Fordyce said: "This is a common sense proposal that would give the school more time to concentrate on learning and teaching.

"I know that St Mary's has a particularly strong school community and there is a local pride surrounding the school.

"What we are proposing is an improvement on a situation where a major road cuts this school in two. St Mary's will be able to improve even more in so many ways if it is just based in the one place.

"This is a sensible suggestion and I would hope that families will understand the reasons why this is being proposed - for child safety and for education."


Press Release Date: Tuesday 22 February 2011