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Public Holidays in Dundee

Holiday 2016/17 Dates
Spring holiday Monday 3rd April 2017
May holiday Monday 1st May 2017
Victoria day holiday Monday 29th May 2017
Trades holiday Monday 24th July 2017
Autumn holiday Monday 2nd October 2017
Christmas holiday Monday 25th December 2017
Christmas holiday Tuesday 26th December 2017
New Year holiday Monday 1st January 2018

For further information regarding closure days, please visit:

The public holidays follow a formula and fall at the same time each year. The formula is as follows:-

  • New Year's Day (or in lieu)
  • Spring Holiday - First Monday in April
  • May Holiday - First Monday in May
  • Victoria Day - Last Monday in May
  • Trades Holiday - Fourth Monday in July
  • Autumn Holiday - First Monday in October
  • Christmas Day (or in lieu)
  • Boxing Day (or in lieu)