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The Council with its partners across Dundee are constantly reviewing its overall strategic objectives in light of new challenges. The Council recently fully endorsed the shared vision for our city set out in the Dundee Partnership's City Plan 2017 - 2026.

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The Council subsequently agreed its Council Plan 2017-22 which sets out how we as a local authority will play our part in achieving this vision for the City. The Council Plan also outlines that we need to continue on our Changing for the Future transformation journey by reviewing and changing how the Council operates to help make this vision a reality.

The Changing for the Future (C2022) programme's primary aim is to support the Council in its delivery of the Dundee City Plan, its strategic priorities and the associated Dundee outcomes. The Changing for the Future programme will be restructured to ensure it can better support these strategic aims, as well as the outcomes laid out in the Council Plan.

The focus of the C2022 is on assisting the delivery of the city and Council plans and the long-term transformation of services to ensure the Council can continue to deliver high quality services for the benefit of Dundee's citizens.

While the main objective of the programme is as stated above, the programme will continue to support savings targets through identification of saving opportunities in the course of long-term transformation projects and will work closely with finance leads on all projects to find a balance between transformation for citizen benefit and identifying savings for the support of Council budgets.

The programme will feed into the Tay Cities and Dundee approach to improving outcomes. Additionally, the programme will continue to focus on transformation and be closely linked with the Council's financial strategy.

The Council has a vital role in enabling transformational change to meet the needs of the city. There are three main drivers of change: