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The number of COVID-related scams that will likely pop up in the coming months, means we will all have to stay vigilant. At the moment if anyone contacts you unexpectedly be sceptical.

Many of the COVID-19 scams going around involve attempts by companies and individuals to sell products they claim to prevent or cure the novel coronavirus. Scammers will be peddling fake remedies but the novel coronavirus is exactly that - new - and there is no known cure yet.

You will be encouraged to buy items such as fake testing kits, homemade hand sanitiser or safety products such as masks. These products are unlikely to have the necessary active ingredients, meet safety requirements or they plainly don’t exist.

Other scams include how you can ‘make your thousands’ on Bitcoin whilst staying at home. Some of you may have already received messages about the army and the National Guard being deployed. Please be aware these are clickbait, clickbait is a form of false advertisement that will attract your attention and entice you to click on the link or thumbnail. Typically these will be sensationalized or misleading, so please be cautious when clicking links. Unless the information comes from a reputable source that you can confirm isn’t fake then think twice about clicking any links.

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Here are some general tips to help you stay safe

Assume every unsolicited effort to contact you with scepticism. If in doubt you can contact Dundee City Council’s Trading Standards at or by telephone on 01382 436260 who can provide guidance where possible. Take a minute. Think. Do not be embarrassed to say NO or not respond. Protect yourself by staying vigilant.

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