Level 4 - Stay Local

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Dundee, the rest of mainland Scotland and some islands are at Level 4 with guidance to stay local.

At Level 4:

  • you must stay local and not travel outside your local council area unless you have an essential reason (such as going to work or visiting your extended household)
  • you can meet in groups of up to 4 people from 2 households outdoors  
  • under 12s do not count towards the total number of people or households meeting outside
  • young people aged 12 to 17 can meet outdoors in groups of up to 4 from separate households
  • you can only go into someone else’s home for certain reasons such as to carry out essential work, to join your extended household or to care for a vulnerable person
  • you can provide informal childcare, for example to look after a grandchild, but only where this is essential
  • there are restrictions on care home and hospital visits
  • there are restrictions on funerals (20 people) and weddings (5 people)
  • tradespeople can carry out only essential work and repairs in your home
  • you should work from home wherever that is practicable

What can open at Level 4

Places and business that can open at Level 4 include:

  • non-mobile hairdressers and barbers by appointment only
  • essential shops and stores 
  • places of worship

What must close at Level 4

Places and business that must close at Level 4 include:

  • hospitality venues like cafes, pubs and restaurants (except for delivery and takeaway)
  • close contact services (except for non-mobile hairdressers and barbers)
  • gyms and swimming pools
  • non-essential shops and stores (click and collect allowed) 
  • holiday accommodation (except for essential customers)
  • all indoor visitor attractions (outdoor areas can remain open)

This is not a full list. You can get more information in the sections below.