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Monty's Stay and Play

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Monty's Stay and Play is an educational club for children under 5 to learn self-development skills through hands on, creative fun play. The class is set up in a way that enables your child to explore freely and independently around the work stations. The activities are displayed on low level shelves or in trays to be selected. Our activities help develop skills in movement, imagination, role play, communication, social skills, focused attention and problem solving.

Please see session times at www.montysdundee.co.uk

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.

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Monday 23rd September 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 24th September 2019 10:00am
Wednesday 25th September 2019 9:30am
Thursday 26th September 2019 10:00am
Friday 27th September 2019 10:00am
Saturday 28th September 2019 9:30am
Monday 30th September 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 1st October 2019 10:00am
Wednesday 2nd October 2019 9:30am
Thursday 3rd October 2019 10:00am
Friday 4th October 2019 10:00am
Saturday 5th October 2019 9:30am
Monday 7th October 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 8th October 2019 10:00am
Wednesday 9th October 2019 9:30am
Thursday 10th October 2019 10:00am
Friday 11th October 2019 10:00am
Saturday 12th October 2019 9:30am
Monday 14th October 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 15th October 2019 10:00am
Wednesday 16th October 2019 9:30am
Thursday 17th October 2019 10:00am
Friday 18th October 2019 10:00am
Saturday 19th October 2019 9:30am
Monday 21st October 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 22nd October 2019 10:00am
Wednesday 23rd October 2019 9:30am
Thursday 24th October 2019 10:00am
Friday 25th October 2019 10:00am
Saturday 26th October 2019 9:30am
Monday 28th October 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 29th October 2019 10:00am
Wednesday 30th October 2019 9:30am
Thursday 31st October 2019 10:00am
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