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Bodies, Botanicals and Bindings: Reimagining Rare Books

Bodies, Botanicals and Bindings: Reimagining Rare Books Image
Featuring the work of artists and creative writers inspired by the University Archives rare book collections, this unique exhibition uses some of the Universitys extensive special collections to explore the history and materiality of rare books as well as the creativity they can inspire.From bindings to bookplates and end pieces to annotations, books tell stories, reminding us of the lives of their owners as much as changes in communication and technology. Taking inspiration from these remarkable collections which date from the 15th century onwards, artists and writers have created their own pieces of work which are exhibited for the first time here.On display will be jewellery, etchings, drawings, textiles, ceramics and much more, all inspired by the wonderful illustrations and content within the books or simply by the way they are put together.

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Saturday 23rd February 2019 1:00pm
Monday 25th February 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 26th February 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 27th February 2019 9:30am
Thursday 28th February 2019 9:30am
Friday 1st March 2019 9:30am
Saturday 2nd March 2019 1:00pm
Monday 4th March 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 5th March 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 6th March 2019 9:30am
Thursday 7th March 2019 9:30am
Friday 8th March 2019 9:30am
Saturday 9th March 2019 1:00pm
Monday 11th March 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 12th March 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 13th March 2019 9:30am
Thursday 14th March 2019 9:30am
Friday 15th March 2019 9:30am
Saturday 16th March 2019 1:00pm
Monday 18th March 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 19th March 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 20th March 2019 9:30am
Thursday 21st March 2019 9:30am
Friday 22nd March 2019 9:30am
Saturday 23rd March 2019 1:00pm
Monday 25th March 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 26th March 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 27th March 2019 9:30am
Thursday 28th March 2019 9:30am
Friday 29th March 2019 9:30am
Saturday 30th March 2019 1:00pm
Monday 1st April 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 2nd April 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 3rd April 2019 9:30am
Thursday 4th April 2019 9:30am
Friday 5th April 2019 9:30am
Saturday 6th April 2019 1:00pm
Monday 8th April 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 9th April 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 10th April 2019 9:30am
Thursday 11th April 2019 9:30am
Friday 12th April 2019 9:30am
Saturday 13th April 2019 1:00pm
Monday 15th April 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 16th April 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 17th April 2019 9:30am
Thursday 18th April 2019 9:30am
Friday 19th April 2019 9:30am
Saturday 20th April 2019 1:00pm
Monday 22nd April 2019 9:30am
Tuesday 23rd April 2019 9:30am
Wednesday 24th April 2019 9:30am
Thursday 25th April 2019 9:30am
Friday 26th April 2019 9:30am
Saturday 27th April 2019 1:00pm
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