Local Elections 2017


Elections to the City Council will take place on 4th May, 2017 and will be held using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system of voting.ย  Details on this can be found in the 'how to vote' section.

There are 8 multi member wards, 5 wards will have 4 members and 3 wards will have 3 members.

4 Member Wards

Ward 1 - Strathmartine
Ward 2 - Lochee
Ward 3 - West End
Ward 4 - Coldside
Ward 8 - The Ferry

3 Member Wards

Ward 5 - Maryfield
Ward 6 - North East
Ward 7 - East End

Maps showing the location of polling stations in Dundee can be found in the 'where to vote' section.

Polling takes place between 7 am and 10 pm on 4th May, 2017.ย  Votes will be counted on Friday, 5th May and results are expected by 2 pm.

For a list of candidates see Notices of Poll in the Notices Section.