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Wellbeing is how we feel, think and behave. It is affected by lots of things, such as where we live, whether we feel useful and valued, and the kinds of relationships we have with others. Wellbeing is important for everyone.

What affects our wellbeing?

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Health and lifestyle:
Coping with ill health, good use of health services, having a healthy lifestyle, and having energy and vitality, all help promote your mental health and wellbeing.

Coping well:
Knowing where and who to turn to when things get difficult, and finding the right support when you need it, helps promote your mental health and wellbeing.

Supportive social circles:
Having enjoyable, sociable things to do, and spending good quality time with other people helps promote your mental health and wellbeing.

Being included and treated fairly:
Feeling that you can participate in services and activities regardless of your particular needs or issues, and knowing that you will be treated fairly and with respect, helps promote mental health and wellbeing.

Money, work and learning:
Having a decent job, getting by on your income, coping with debt and having access to formal and informal training and learning opportunities, helps promote your mental health and wellbeing.

Safe and pleasant surroundings:
Living in a clean and pleasant community, being free from the fear of crime or anti-social behaviour, and having a good quality home all promote your mental health and wellbeing.

Download the My Wellbeing leaflet here (409KB PDF).