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Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for the National Entitlement Card (NEC) Scheme.

The NEC (the card) and its entitlements are administered by the Scottish Councils (the council). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dundee City Council. The T&Cs along with additional information is also available on the website at Any alterations to the T&Cs will be available on the website and from Dundee City Council.

Please read the following information – not accepting the terms and conditions may mean the council is unable to issue you with your NEC or with some of your NEC products and services.

Taking receipt and using the NEC with any associated products or services indicates your acceptance of the T&Cs. If, on receipt of the NEC, you should change your mind then you should return your NEC to your Dundee City Council, NEC Office, Dundee House, 50, North Lindsay Street Dundee DD1 1 QE.

For online applications or where your authorised local council officer has input your details into the online Card management System (CMS), you will be required

to indicate your acceptance of the T&Cs by putting a check mark in the acceptance box on the CMS screen.

National Terms and Conditions

  1. You are required to supply all of the necessary information and the appropriate documents to confirm your identity, address and evidence of eligibility. The council may refuse or delay the issue of your card if you do not provide adequate evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria or if there is reason to believe that your application details are not accurate and / or that you are not who you claim to be.
  2. If the council is able to verify the details which you would normally supply as part of your NEC application against information already held by the council, you may not have to provide further proofs. The council will be able to advise you on this
  3. The signature of a parent / guardian is required on application forms for young people under 12 years. Young people 12 years and over can sign their own application form.
  4. The council will check that your personal details are accurate – the documents that are acceptable for this proof are contained in the guidance leaflet, ‘How To Get Your NEC’.
  5. For disabled people whose entitlements are based upon their disability, proofs of this will be required and are set out in the guidance leaflet, ‘NEC Disabled People Eligibility’.
  6. Dundee City Council will check your identity and residency to reduce the potential for fraudulent applications and to maintain the integrity of your information and entitlements. Your personal details are shared with and validated (cross checked) against the National Records of Scotland (NRS) and changes to that data will be shared between the council and the NRS. The council will also validate your address against the council national address gazetteer.
  7. When your personal details have been verified by the council, you will have your own personal account and account number set up - your unique citizen reference number (UCRN). This account will be used by the council to maintain the integrity of your data and your entitlements.
  8. A NEC will only be issued by the council on receipt of a fully completed, validated and verified application.
  9. All information relating to your NEC will be dealt with in line with the Data Protection Act (2018). Under the terms of the Act, the council is required to provide you, the data subject, with details of the data controller and the purposes for which your data is processed.
  10. The data controller of your personal details will be Dundee City Council, which will only use the information you have provided to administer local and national entitlements. If you have any queries relating to data protection, these should be addressed in writing to your local council Data Protection Officer.
  11. The council will administer the NEC scheme and the products or services to which you are entitled. The council will share your data within its local council organisation, with other Scottish councils or with public bodies for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of your data and the associated entitlements or for preventing, detecting or investigating fraud.
  12. Your information and your photograph will be stored electronically on the CMS, which can be accessed by authorised council officers (or equivalent) for the purpose of keeping your account up to date and administering any products or services contained on your card and your NEC account.
  13. Your card will also contain your photograph, your account number and any data that is necessary to provide you with access to your NEC services.
  14. In time, you will be able to have your own individual User ID and Password, which will enable your to have online access your own account and to maintain your own data. If you chose this option, it will be your responsibility to maintain the security of your User ID and Password and not to disclose these details to anyone else.
  15. As the data subject, you have a number of rights under the Data Protection Act (2018) in relation to the data that is processed about you. One of these rights is a subject access right. This means that you have a right to a copy of the data held about you. If you want to exercise your right of subject access, you should send a request in writing to the Data Protection Officer at your local council. The Data Protection Officer will also be able to provide details of any charges which may be applicable for supplying for this information.
  16. You are free to cancel your NEC at any time by writing or contacting your local council.
  17. The NEC is intended for the sole use of the cardholder. The cardholder is the person whose name and photograph appear on the front of the card and matching data held on the CMS. It is not transferable.
  18. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to inform the council immediately of any change of personal circumstances relevant to the NEC (e.g. change of name / address, change in status that may affect eligibility for concessions, etc).
  19. The cardholder must inform the council immediately if the card is lost, stolen, damaged or not working.
  20. The NEC will become invalid if it is tampered with in any way. The cardholder is responsible for keeping the card in good condition.
  21. Neither the council nor Transport Scotland will reimburse any costs you may incur in the time between reporting your card lost / stolen / damaged and receiving your replacement card through the post.
  22. Service providers, including the council, have the right to cancel the services they provide to individual cardholders should they contravene the T&Cs of their service. The decision to cancel a service rests solely with the service provider.
  23. The council reserves the right to take any appropriate action deemed necessary if it is found that a cardholder has abused the scheme. In particular, where information is provided with the intention of defrauding the council or any of its service providers.
  24. All services provided in relation to the card are subject to availability. Councils do not guarantee the availability of any of the services on the card. Services may be withdrawn without prior notice Scotland-wide Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled People: Additional Terms and Conditions
  25. Because the concessionary travel schemes are national schemes, they need to be delivered using a nationally recognised card – this is the NEC. The card contains an electronic ticket that works across all buses in Scotland and is needed to access the concessionary travel schemes.
  26. You are the only person allowed to use your card to access the Scotland-wide concessionary travel scheme. It is not transferable. Allowing someone else to use it is fraud and may lead to your entitlement to Scotland wide concessionary travel being withdrawn.
  27. Your entitlement to concessionary travel may be withdrawn if you are found to be using your card fraudulently / if you are found to be abusing your entitlement to access Scotland-wide concessionary travel.
  28. Travel using a card is subject to the normal regulations and conditions of carriage of the bus operators concerned. Your card gives you the same rights as enjoyed by any full-fare paying passenger.
  29. There may be a need for bus drivers to withdraw failed / invalid /faulty cards. If this occurs, you will be issued with a seven day temporary bus pass which will be accepted on the same bus services as your NEC would be. At this point please contact the council to request a replacement card. If you use your card to access other services such as library, leisure membership, your local council will still be able to provide membership access until your new card arrives.
  30. You should not attempt to obtain discounted / free travel with your NEC if you are not entitled to do so. Your entitlement to concessionary travel may be withdrawn if you are found to be using your card fraudulently.
  31. The council / Transport Scotland will not reimburse any costs you may incur in the time between reporting your card/ rail voucher/concessionary bus card (and ferry vouchers if applicable) lost/stolen/damaged and receiving your replacement card/rail voucher/concessionary bus card (and ferry vouchers if applicable) through the post.