C2022 Themes, Projects and Strategic Links

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The C2022 programme will be made up of some new and existing project reviews, grouped around the City Plan and Council plan Strategic Priorities. The following projects will form the core of the programme over the next 4 years to help deliver the priorities of the City Plan.

As the Council is a key part of the city wide partnership, there will be other transformation programmes running in the city which the C2022 programme will link directly with and be informed other partners’ transformation programmes, in particular those of the Integrated Health & Social Care Partnership and Leisure & Culture Dundee.

The pages that follow set out the individual projects and their objectives under each theme. Each of these project reviews will be carried out using the Changing for the Future model with the aim of delivering robust business cases, proposing how the services can be designed or re-designed, using partnerships or commission (where appropriate), best use of technology and our people and resources (in line with our People Strategy).

Service Design