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AIMS: The AE foundation was established in May 2011 with the aim of providing an independent, open forum for the exploration of cultural issues relating to architecture and the built environment. Our objectives are: To promote architecture as an act of public significance, to encourage the meaningful and rigorous study of architecture in partnership with individuals in practice and academia, and to be a centre of excellence for intellectual dialogue in architectural theory, history and practice, based in Scotland.

OTHER INFO: The AE Foundation organises events, courses, commissions papers, produces publications, and aims to provide post-graduate and professional scholarship awards for students and architects based in Scotland. This website is a portal for members and the public and an archive of events, interviews and texts undertaken by our members and interested parties. We hope you find something of interest within the archive and invite you to sign up for our e-newsletter. Please go to the Membership section if you would like to join the foundation as a member.

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