Izzy's Promise


Phone: 01382 206222

Contact Details

Mr Joseph Lumbasi
1, Victoria Road

Phone: 01382 224737
Email: josephlumbasi@aol.com

Organisation Info

Charity No: SC0 33706
AIMS: Izzy's Promise is a charity organisation based in Dundee, Scotland (UK) that offers free and confidential support services to:

* Ritual/organised abuse survivors.
* Refugees.
* Asylum seekers.
* Ethnic minorities.
* People trafficked via rituals.

As recognised experts in the field of ritual and organised abuse we also:

* Offer training and consultancy services
* Conduct research into causes of ritual abuse and any ways of preventing or relieving the suffering caused by abuse.
* Recruit and train volunteers to work towards supporting survivors of ritual/organised abuse and those who support them.
* Network with other agencies.

OTHER INFO: We are a friendly charitable organisation and we are always ready to stank up for survivors.

Volunteer Screening:  Yes
Expenses Paid:  Yes
Insurance Cover:   Yes
Volunteer Policy:   Yes

What They Do:
Support, research, awareness, fund-raising, VIP work, child care, admin work, translation work, production of resources for support and awareness such as DVDs, books.