National Federation For The Blind (NFBUK)


Initial contact should be made by telephone or e-mail

Phone: 01924 291313

Contact Details

National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom (NFBUK)
Sir John Wilson House
215 Kirkgate
Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Phone: 01924 291313

Organisation Info

Charity No: SC0 40134
Hours: Please don't hesitate to contact us by either by letter, phone, fax or email. The address and contact details are above.
AIMS: With representatives on numerous committees of other organisations of and for blind and partially sighted people, we campaign to improve the overall welfare and quality of daily life for all blind, partially sighted, deaf-blind people and those whose sight impairment is part of multi disability, in the United Kingdom.

OTHER INFO: We have a network of local Branches around the country and a postal branch each in England and in Scotland for those members not able to get to a local group. The NFBUK has an e-group and a national audio magazine where members can exchange views about subjects that affect or interest them. From our office in Wakefield, we provide information for our members in their branches in Braille, large-print and various forms of audio media.

Volunteer Screening:  No
Expenses Paid:  No
Insurance Cover:   No
Volunteer Policy:   No