Wellbank Amenities Association


Wellbank Hall, 3a, Kellas Road
Wellbank, By Dundee

Phone: 01382 350191

Contact Details

Chairman: Mr Kevin McGregor
Phone: 01382 350191

Organisation Info

Charity No: SC0 15011
Hours: Wellbank Amenities Association Wellbank Amenities Association meet monthly on a Wednesday at 7.30pm.
AIMS: Wellbank Amenities Association is a charitable organisation and a registered charity. The committee is made up from volunteers and representatives from the various user groups who use the hall/football park. We are keen and eager to continue with our fundraising as we need over £16,000 per year to cover the cost of the hall and park.
Our current projects include an investment into our village park which includes new perimeter fencing, floodlights, children's play areas, all weather multi ballcourt area including tennis, basketball and 5-a-side football.

Volunteer Screening:  No
Expenses Paid:  No
Insurance Cover:   No
Volunteer Policy:   Yes

What They Do:
Volunteers attend the Wellbank Amenities Association meetings and help at the various functions.

The Wellbank Amenities Association welcomes anybody that is enthusiastic over the age of 14.