Coastwatch Tay Coastal Safety & Surveillance Organisation


Phone: 07849 184 354

Contact Details

Mr Gareth Norman
Broughty Ferry Castle Barracks,
1 Castle Approach, Broughty Ferry

Phone: 07849 184 354

Organisation Info

AIMS: To encourage the general public of all ages to learn maritime skills and knowledge through participation in boat skills and safety on or near the sea.

To help safeguard the lives of the ever expanding coastal users.

To watch over vulnerable craft and activities on the shoreline.

To monitor Channel 16, the VHF radio distress frequency.

To monitor local weather conditions and provide information to mariners and persons taking part in beach activities.

To safeguard the environment including coastal and marine wildlife.

To assist the Police, HM Customs and Excise where possible.

To assist HM Coastguard and rescue services by maintaining a visual watch around the Scottish coast.

To establish and maintain an organisation skilled in all maritime aspects, ashore and afloat for the good of the community and to be available to support any agency on request.

To assist other charitable and voluntary organisations with events on or near water.

To raise the profile of Coastwatch Scotland by taking part in events throughout Scotland.

Other Information: Coastwatch Scotland (Tay) is continually seeking to expand its expertise to cope with the wide range of maritime situations and we are always eager to recruit suitable individuals who wish to serve their community.

Volunteer Screening:  Yes
Expenses Paid:  Yes
Insurance Cover:   Yes
Volunteer Policy:   Yes

What They Do:
Coastwatch Scotland volunteers must be able to work as part of a close-knit integrated team, yet also be able to work independently and show initiative. They must be level headed, calm and clear thinking in what can sometimes be a highly stressed situation. You must be able to work closely with emergency services, and the general public in a position of trust and responsibility. Coastwatch Scotland expects the following from its volunteers: To be reliable, To attend regularly, To work within the aims and objectives of the association, To be honest if there are any problems, To respect confidentiality, To treat all people equally, To help instruct where skills, knowledge and availability are applicable, To assist with fund raising and PR events, To be involved in social activities, To pool knowledge, experience and personal skills, To encourage co-operation with local maritime organisations.

Coastwatch Scotland supports the following rights for its volunteers:- To match tasks to individual capabilities, To encourage personal development, To provide clear terms of reference, To define clear lines of supervision and reporting, To provide access to a grievance and appeals procedure If you have experience which you feel is relevant to our objective and have the time and commitment to become involved then we would like to hear from you.