Royal Blind Society (Children & Families Service)


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Phone: 01903 245379
Fax: 01903 505186

Contact Details

Fundraiser: Mr Gareth Holmes
6, St John's Parade
Alinora Crescent
BN12 4HJ

Phone: 01903 245379
Fax: 01903 505186

Organisation Info

Charity No: 1131623
AIMS:The Children and Families Service is a division of the Royal Blind Society which offers support to children and young people with a visual disability and their families. We have a team of self-employed, Family Support Workers throughout the U.K. and through them our aim is to provide emotional support, benefits advice and advocacy assistance to families to enable them to achieve the best outcomes for their children. As a charitable organisation, the Society relies on donations to provide the above services.

OTHER INFO: The Society has a Family Support Worker based in Scotland.

Volunteer Screening:  No
Expenses Paid:  No
Insurance Cover:   No
Volunteer Policy:   No