Activities and Events for Under 5s

Find out what's available for babies, toddlers and children under 5 throughout the city.

What's On
We have lots of events taking place throughout the city for children and families to take part in. Visit the What's on listings.

Bookbug Sessions
Bookbug sessions are held in libraries and last for about 20 minutes. It is a great way for babies, parents and carers to enjoy familiar and new rhymes and stories in an informal setting. It is also a great way to meet other parents and have a fun time! Find a Bookbug session taking place near you.

Storytimes for Under 5s
Storytelling sessions are natural progression from Bookbug sessions and introduce young children and toddlers to an exciting world of books. The sessions are aimed at children under 5, their parents and carers and are held in various libraries across the city. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes a mixture of stories and rhymes designed to stimulate young children. Find a storytime session taking place near you.

Swimming Lessons
We have a range of swimming lessons and activities designed to suit everyone - adult and baby classes for children 6-36 months and pre-school swim lessons for 3 year olds. View our swimming lessons section for more information.

Parent and Toddler Groups
Parent and Toddler Groups are small groups where you can take your baby and/or toddler, where you can find friendship, fun, support and a first opportunity for learning outside the home for very young children and a chance for parents and carers to socialise with other adults. Find a parent and toddler group near you.

For further information and advice on choosing a Parent and Toddler Group download the fact sheet (133KB PDF)

Sports activities for under 5's
Sports Development run a range of physical activity programmes for children aged 4 months to 5 years in venues across the city throughout the week. The programmes provide an opportunity for young children to participate in fun physical activity, allowing them to develop a range of skills. Children under the age of 3 participate together with support of their parent/carer and children aged 3 to 5 participate along with other children of the same age whilst parents/carers watch. Find out more about Early Years activities.

Dundee Children and Families Information Service
Dundee Children and Families Information Service provides links for parents and families to activities, events and initiatives throughout the city at

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