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Coronavirus (COVID19)

As more coronavirus restrictions ease and the economy restarts in earnest, parking charges in Dundee will return to normal from May 10. The only exception will be the seven West End car parks where charging will resume on September 27 to support local residents who continue to work from home (update 27 Apr).

Dundee City Council staff will continue to enforce all other parking restrictions (including limited waiting) to ensure the free flow of traffic and that no vehicles are parked dangerously or causing an obstruction for other road users or pedestrians. They will also respond to complaints from the public about unsafe parking. (update 15 Jan).

To provide, maintain and regulate parking provision as part of the Local Transport Strategy to ensure the adequate provision and quality of facilities to compliment the economic, social and recreational aspirations of the city whilst taking due cognisance of the need for a balanced transportation strategy.

Pay Penalty Charge Notice   Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice

N.B This portal will only allow you to make an informal challenge. Formal challenges must be made in writing after receipt of a notice to owner.

For all parking-related issues including permits, monthly tickets and general information relating to Penalty Charge Notices, please call 01382 432096 or email

In addition, to ensure parking facilities are not detrimental to the economic or environmental health of the city, the service will also take into account supplementary guidelines from the Dundee Local Plan.