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There have been many papers published by eminent criminologists who have studied the relationships between crime, the fear of crime and street lighting.

All have agreed that the provision of good quality street lighting has a very positive effect on reducing crime and fear of crime by residents. Recent advances in lamp technology has allowed 'white light' sources to be used in place of the traditional yellow/orange lamp.

Surveys (both local to Dundee and nationally) have revealed that white light:

  • Gives better colour rendering (for Police identification)
  • Makes a reduction in residents 'fear of crime'
  • Encourages and aids mobility of pedestrians during the cover of darkness
  • Increases reaction time of drivers by up to 50% which improves road safety
  • Improves the night time street scene and the overall quality of life of its residents and perhaps the most relevant
  • Residents actually prefer the 'brighter' white light as it makes them feel safer
  • 68% of street lighting in residential streets has been converted to white light