Access to Geographic Information

Under the INSPIRE Regulations Dundee City Council are obliged to publish information about the environment for use in Geographical Information Systems. 

We continue to work with the Improvement Service and Scottish Government to identify data covered by the regulations, and have already made some data layers available;

  • Education Facilities
  • School Catchment Areas
  • Polling Stations
  • Polling Districts

You can find metadata including conditions of use on the Dundee Geoportal. Note that to use these datasets requires GIS software which supports OGC Web Map Services or Web Feature Services, for help getting started with our data we have posted some exampes to our wiki.

Where you require information that isn't published, or would like a full copy of a dataset for your own use you can make an Environmental Information Request.

Ordnance Survey Opendata

The Ordnance Survey provide some data for free use under Open Government Licence terms, this is available for download from the Ordnance Survey directly.

To help others looking for this information for Dundee we have provided an extract of two background map layers covering the city; 

These files are provided under an Open Government Licence. The files are in TIFF format which can be opened with most image viewers and are geo-referenced for use with any compatible GIS.

For further information please contact, or follow us on twitter.