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Since 1993 when the Association was launched, members have travelled to Würzburg every second year and have enjoyed discovering Würzburg, visiting nearby places of interest and making lasting friendships.

In the intervening years, visitors from Würzburg have travelled to Dundee. They are based in Dundee and as well as visiting local places of interest, they also visit other parts of Scotland. They love the Scottish way of life and are always very interested in our culture.

Various groups have visited Würzburg and many groups from Würzburg have been welcomed to Dundee. These include Twinning Groups, the Scouts, Choirs, Bands and Sports Groups.

The Association organises fund-raising social events for members throughout the year and these have included Quiz Nights, Beetle Drives, Christmas Outings and a Burns Supper. The Association has display boards and these have been positioned in many locations throughout Dundee. This helps to promote awareness of the Association.

Anyone who is interested in Germany and its culture is invited to become a member of the Association either individually, as a family or on a corporate basis. Members of the Association are very friendly and you will be made very welcome.