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Twinning was introduced after the Second World War when it was thought that it might help to heal some of the wounds suffered during the War. It would also help to create and promote understanding between the peoples of different countries.

In 1962 Dundee was twinned with WΓΌrzburg a town similar to Dundee in that both are built on the banks of a river and are also built round a hill.

Since 1962 twinning links have been forged and many friendships made, continuing to this day. In 1993 the then Lord Provost of Dundee invited interested parties to meetings in the City Chambers and from that twinning associations were formed.

The aims of twinning are:

  • to promote the fostering of friendship and understanding.
  • to encourage visits by individuals and groups between the cities, developing personal contacts thus broadening understanding of cultural, educational, recreational and commercial activities between the cities.
  • to promote and encourage twinning projects between the twin cities and organise fund raising to foster these aims.