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Würzburg is the capital of Franconia, Bavaria and is located south east of Frankfurt. Like Dundee, Würzburg is a university city and has a large student population.

Würzburg lies on both sides of the River Main and is dominated by the Marienberg Fortress, which due to its height is easily visible from most of Würzburg.

Würzburg is a splendid city architecturally and there are many Cathedrals, towers, domes and picturesque bridges to see and visit along with beautiful gardens, castles, palaces and modern high-rise buildings. The city is well served by public transport and is an easy place to get around on foot. The city boasts an outdoor swimming pool, which is well used in summer.

Würzburg boasts an excellent public transport system that includes tramcars but is also easy to get around either on foot or by bicycle.

It was in Würzburg in 1895 that Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered x-rays.

The Residence, home of the Prince Bishops, is regarded as one of the finest Baroque Palaces in Germany and hosts the annual Mozart Fest which was inaugurated in 1922. There are many other festivals throughout the year, one of the most interesting being the Kiliani Fest, which starts with a parade of groups displaying their work, sport or hobbies, is accompanied by local bands and ends in the fairground. The annual wine festival celebrates the quality wine produced in the area.

All in all Würzburg is an interesting and friendly place to visit and the local people make visitors from Dundee especially welcome.