Dundee East Election Results

Constituency: Dundee East

Date of Election: 7 May 2015

The result of the Election held in the DUNDEE EAST Constituency is as follows:-

Name of Candidate Description No of Votes
Bowman, Bill Scottish Conservative & Unionist 7206
Brennan, Lesley McMahon Scottish Labour Party 9603
Duncan, Craig Robertson Scottish Liberal Democrats 1387
Grayshan, Helen Elizabeth Scottish Green Party 895
Hosie, Stewart Scottish National Party (SNP) 28,765
Morelli, Carlo Joseph Scottish Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition 104
Parker Hamilton, Lesley Helen Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol 225
Total 48,185
Rejected Ballot Papers No of Papers
(a)  Want of Official Mark  
(b)  Voting for more than one candidate 9
(c)  Writing or mark by which voter can be identified  
(d)  Unmarked or void for uncertainty 64
Total Rejected 73
Electorate 67,822
Turnout % 71.1%

There were 73 spoilt papers.

I therefore declare Stewart Hosie to be duly elected.

David R. Martin, Returning Officer