Tayside Scientific Services routinely analyses drinking, recreational and waste waters for a range of clients. The laboratory is accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025 and DWTS standards for the analysis of water.

Private and mains supply drinking waters are tested for Environmental Health departments to check that they comply with the necessary quality regulations. The laboratory also provides a range of analyses for bottled, spring and natural mineral waters to monitor composition and purity for certification purposes.

Swimming and spa pool water is analysed to ensure proper disinfection and that the chemical balance is being maintained to protect the health and safety of the bather and the aesthetic quality of the water.

Waste waters analysed include trade effluents from local factories, leachate monitoring from land fill, and seepage waters from basements of shops and houses.

Alistair Laing – Senior Analyst
Tel 01382 307170
Email alistair.laing@dundeecity.gov.uk