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This is a multi-partnership funded project which is managed by Dundee City Council (but includes Shelter, Citizens Advice Bureau, Brooksbank and Wise Group). Helping people living in Dundee, who are struggling to make ends meet and/or worried about debts.

You can contact the service using the following methods

Telephone: 01382 431180
Email: info@dundeemoneyaction.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dundeemoneyaction

Your details will be passed to one of our Financial Support Officers, who will contact you to introduce themselves and arrange to meet (usually somewhere local where possible). At the first appointment the Financial Support Officer will discuss and draft an action plan highlighting the any financial areas you have concerns with. These will be prioritised, your aims will be set, including dates for these to be achieved.

Our friendly team have experience in helping people by working with them to develop an action plan, which can include a wide range of assistance such as

  • a financial health check
  • welfare benefits check and applications for benefit
  • help to determine where income can be maximised (outgoings reduced)
  • support to negotiate reduced payments to organisations
  • access to a fully trained debt advisor
  • challenging welfare benefit decisions
  • skills and knowledge development about financial products such as comparison sites, insurance, different bank accounts, savings, priority debts, improving credit ratings etc.
  • Assisting you to call creditors, such as mobile phones or TV/broadband packages to try and reduce monthly amounts.
  • fuel tariff checks, energy efficiency checks and fuel debt advice and assistance with our own energy advisor
  • Adult literacy/IT skills
  • and much more

The Officers can also refer to other services out with DMA to give you specialist support when required such as

Housing Support
Mental health groups
Low or no cost
Local social groups
Credit Union

Most people struggling to make ends meet can receive support and advice. Eligibility criteria for the project – participants must

  • Live in Dundee
  • Be of working age
  • Have the legal right to live and work in the UK
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