Andrew MacDonald, Apprentice Building Service Technician (Electrical)

AndrewTell us what it is you do as a Modern Apprentice with the Council

As an Apprentice Building Service Technician (Electrical) at the Council I design lighting for the Councilsโ€™ buildings, either upgrades to existing buildings or new projects.

What do you like and enjoy about it?

I enjoy being the designer of a project and that I have the freedom to choose how to light a building and how I feel the lighting should look.

How did you become a Modern Apprentice? What interested you in the first place?

I became interested in becoming an Electrical apprentice as my Dad is an Electrician. So I thought getting an apprenticeship in the same field would be a good choice as I had previously worked with him, so I would have some experience which would be valuable in my Apprenticeship.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambitions for the future are to stay on at the Council after my apprenticeship and get a Technicians post, and possibly go to University and get a degree in Electrical engineering.

What advice would you give to other young people considering being a Modern Apprentice?

My advice to other people my age would be to start a modern apprenticeship as I feel it is great that you can get paid while learning and getting qualifications at the same time, such as an HNC in Electrical Engineering and an SVQ 3 Construction or other industry recognised qualifications.

Andrew MacDonald
Apprentice Building Service Technician (Electrical)
City Development - Design & Property Division
Floors 5/6 Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street
Dundee DD1 1LS