Kay Milton, Early Years Educator Modern Apprentice

Tell us what it is you do as a Modern Apprentice with the Council

I am a Modern Apprentice Early Years Educator in Ardler ELCC.

What do you like and enjoy about it?

I enjoy working with the children and their families and all the different training and learning opportunities I have experienced.

How did you become a MA? What interested you in the first place?

I became a Modern Apprentice as I wanted to leave school and was going to go to college to do the same qualification. When I saw the MA advertised, I liked the sound of earning money and working whilst getting my qualification better.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I have just finished my qualification SVQ 3 and am registered with SSSC - I hope to get a job in a nursery and continue to do this job. In the future I would maybe like to become a primary Teacher.