Paris Stewart, Tenancy and Estates Assistant Modern Apprentice

Tell us what it is you do as a Modern Apprentice with the Council

I am a Business Admin apprentice for the Tenancy and Estates Housing Department. In my job role, I sign members of the public up for new tenancies and help them sustain this. I complete reference requests on their tenancy too and terminate them, dealing with the process when this happens.

What do you like and enjoy about it?

I enjoy the mass amount of responsibility that comes with my role. Although I am the youngest member of staff in my office I am not looked at in that way but instead am treated and respected the same as everyone else.

How did you become a Modern Apprentice? What interested you in the first place?

I became a MA after deciding I wanted to gain a qualification whilst working and gaining further experience. I spotted a job advertisement whilst I was in college and decided to apply for it, after doing more research on what an apprenticeship was I realised how great an opportunity it was!

What are your ambitions for the future?

In the future, my hope is to gain a permanent position in the department I am working with and if not to gain a position in a business administration role. As part of the Apprenticeship I have become a Modern Apprentice Ambassador and go out to schools talking about my experience as a MA. This has really boosted my confidence and public speaking skills.

What advice would you give to other young people considering being a Modern Apprentice?

To research first but definitely apply for the position. If offered an interview do some research on the company as well as this makes you stand out. Also to pick something you will really enjoy and want to progress further in.

Paris Stewart
Tenancy and Estates Assistant -Modern Apprentice
East District Housing Office