Noise: Antisocial Behaviour

Whilst most of us enjoy listening to music from time to time, we seldom appreciate other people's music, especially when it intrudes into our homes. Although no-one can reasonably expect complete silence, it is equally unreasonable to be expected to tolerate a neighbour's noise, whether through thoughtlessness or malice.

Often the quickest and simplest way to resolve such issues is to speak directly to your neighbour in the first instance. Understandably however, people are often reluctant to approach their neighbour, particularly late at night when the problem occurs.

With powers under the Antisocial Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act 2004 the Council have a dedicated Night Time Noise Team to tackle this problem. Initially assessing the noise either by simply listening to how loud it may be or an actual measurement, it allows for the investigating officers to issue either a verbal or written warning and have the noise lowered to an acceptable level, if not stopped altogether. For instance, should the music from a noisy party not be sufficiently turned down, officers can measure the noise from your property and compare it to the required standard. Should it fail, they can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100. Failure to pay the fine can result in prosecution and a possible fine of up to £1000. Officers also have the powers to confiscate the equipment they believe to be causing the problem. This can include stereos, TVs, CDs and tapes.

It is worth emphasising that for officers to assess the full extent of the noise, it is vital that they can gain access to your property. Failure to do so may compromise their ability to satisfactorily resolve the matter for you.

The Night Time Noise Team work Friday and Saturday between 19:00 hrs and 04:00 hrs. To access this service, you are required to telephone the Police on 101. They in turn forward your details on to the Night Time Noise Team who will contact you shortly thereafter. Out with these hours follow the same procedure as above but the Police will deal with your complaint.

For further information on the service, or any other aspect of noise, please

Email: leaving your name, address and telephone number
Tel: 01382 433710 Option 5 between 0830 and 1700 hours.