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Current 2020 garden waste permits are only valid up until the final collection weeks, these will take place on w/c 23rd November and w/c 30th November, with a winter break until the end of February 2021.

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Due to the high levels of participation on the brown bin garden waste collection service and the volume of bins being presented there may be delays in emptying your bin.  This may mean your bin being emptied later than usual on the particular day of collection or on the following day. We would ask residents to leave their bin out for collection. If your bin has not been emptied within 48 hours of the allocated day of collection please contact the Council on 433710 Option 4.

The bins are collected on a fortnightly cycle from March to November with a monthly collection taking place from December to February.

 What goes in the brown bin?

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Grass Cuttings Plastic Bags
Leaves and Bark Kitchen waste e.g. meat, dairy and vegetable peelings
Flowers Pet Waste
Hedge Trimmings Soil and Turf
Weeds Stones

No loose collection is offered, therefore householders should not present additional bags outwith their bins for collection.

For further information contact:

Tel: 01382 433710 Option 1