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Green Health Partnership logoDundee’s Green Health Prescription is a new pathway to make the most out of Dundee‘s nature-based activities in greenspaces as a health-promoting resource.

The Green Health Prescription can work as an alternative, or complement to, traditional medicine to help you feel better and encourage you to make healthier lifestyle choices, with long term health benefits.

How Can This Help?

Engaging with nature and spending time outdoors is a scientifically proven method to help cope with a large variety of health issues. Being outdoors helps with a range of health issues, including Type 2 Diabetes, COPD, chronic pain or poor mental health, -to mention just a few,- and without any side effects.

Joining in a group can help reduce the need for medication and inspire you to lead a more active and healthier life that can positively affect your health long term. In Dundee we are lucky to have such a wide variety of different groups doing activities in greenspaces and we can help you identify the ones that might work best for you.

What happens next?

You can refer yourself to this service or speak to your GP about it to see if it is right for you.

If this is something you want to learn more about please contact us at

01382 305757 or text/call 0771 996 9229 or at greenhealth@dvva.scot.

We will be happy to help you start making healthier choices!

Green Exercise in Dundee ....
One small step to feeling better ...

What is Green Exercise?
Green exercise describes physical activity in outdoor natural settings (e.g. green spaces, paths, parks, nature reserves and countryside). It includes: walking and relaxation, outdoor learning and play; recreation and sport; practical conservation; gardening; rehabilitation and recovery and active travel.

Where can I get some green exercise?

Call Dial-OP at Volunteer Dundee at 01382 305757 to find out more!

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