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Dundee City Council's mortgage scheme is available for first time buyers of Council owned housing stock advertised on the open market. These properties are flats which become available when the tenant leaves and all the other flats have previously been sold i.e. Last in Block. Up to 100% of the valuation price may be available to first time buyers eligible under this scheme.

Every application received requires the applicant/s to undergo a personal financial assessment in conjunction with credit checks in order to establish an individual's credit worthiness. Up to 3 times the main borrower plus 1 times the secondary borrower’s gross pay can be lent in this scheme.

Dundee City Council is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for the purposes of providing residential mortgages. In accordance with good practice, it is recommended that independent advice relating to mortgages, payment protection and life assurance is undertaken by all applicants prior to accepting any loan that may be on offer.

For further information on this scheme contact 01382 433557 or 01382 433084. You can also