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Dundee College Hairdressing TasterThe CLD East Youth Team offers a range of learning opportunities for young people 10 plus.  Flexible learning programmes are delivered as part of the school day and include:- Employability & Life skills, CLD College Taster Courses, Environmental Learning Programmes, Positive Starts & Positive Progressions (transition support), Sparking Stars & Diamond Girls.

We also deliver a full range of evening programmes:- Crescent Drop In, Finmill Drop In, Balumbie Sports & Arts Drop in, Douglas Boys & Girls Groups, Brooks Banks Dance & Art Group, Hub Drop In, East Side Youth Chorus and Midnight Football.  Where the boys recently won the 14-16 yrs Trophy.

A number of young people are currently volunteering to develop and deliver these opportunities.  Along with receiving accreditation such as Dynamic Youth Awards, Youth Achievement, Saltire & REHIS.

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