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A2Z Entries

Labour Group Secretariat
Land and Property - Area Search
Land Contamination
Land-based Sports
Landlord Accreditation Pack
Landlord Accreditation Scheme
Landlord Registration
Law Hill
Lead Water Supply Piping - Replacement
Leaking Roofs / Downpipes
Legionnaires' Disease
Leisure Active
Leisure and Culture Dundee
Leisure Centres
Leisure Passes
Leisure Reading Centre, Central Library
Lettings Centre
Liberal Democrat Secretariat
Licensing / Licences
Licensing Board Model Publication Scheme Guide to Information
Licensing Committee
Licensing Forum
Licensing Public Register
Life-Saving Equipment
Lift Sharing
Lifts - Council Houses
Lighting - Streets
Lighting Repairs - Communal Areas
List of Public Roads
Listed Buildings
Literacy Classes
Litter Fixed Penalty Payments - Pay
Litter Removal
Little and Lost
Local Access Forum
Local Authorities - Scottish
Local Authority Job Vacancies
Local Bus Operators
Local Community Planning Partnerships
Local Councillors
Local Development Plan
Local Economy - Business Development
Local History - Useful Links
Local History Centre, Central Library
Local Holidays - Dundee City Council Closure Days
Local Holidays - Public
Local Housing Allowance - Housing Benefit
Local Housing Offices
Local Taxation
Local Walks
Locate Dundee
Lochee Community Library
Lochee Community Map and Local Information
Lochee Swim Centre
Lochee, Balgay and Victoria Parks
Lord Provost - Welcome
Lord Provost's Secretarial Support
Lottery Funding
Love Food Hate Waste
Lynch Sports Centre