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A2Z Entries

Panoramic View of Old Dundee
Paper Kerbside Recycling - Download calendar
Paper Recycling
Parent Councils
Parent Information
Parking - Map of Car Parks
Parking Charges
Parking Dispensation
Parking Enquiries
Parking Fine - Pay
Parking Fine Appeal - Challenge against an issued Parking Fine (Penalty Charge Notice)
Parking for the Disabled
Parking Monthly Tickets
Parking Penalty Charge Notices - Pay
Parking Penalty Charge Notices - Telephone Payment System
Parking Permits
Parking Permits - Disabled People
Parks, Gardens and Open Spaces
Partnerships - Civil
Paths - Cycle
Pavement Crossing/Vehicular Access
Pavement Defect Reporting
Pavements - Snow Clearing and Gritting
Payment Office
Payments to the Council
Pedestrian Crossings
Pelican Crossings
Penalty Charge Notices
Pension Fund
People with Disabilities - Travel Concessions/Taxicard
Performance Reports
Performing Animals Registration
Pest Control
Pet Animals Registration
Petroleum Storage and Licensing
Photographic Competition
Photopolis - black and white photographs of Dundee
Physical Disabilities
Pigeons - Pest Control
Places to Pay - Council Tax
Planning - General Advice and Information
Planning Application - Apply
Planning Applications - Find Current Applications and Submit Comments
Planning Applications Weekly List
Planning Briefs
Planning Control - Breaches
Planning Division
Plans and Performance
Plastic Bag Free Dundee
Plastic Bottle Recycling
Play on Wheels
Play Strategy
Poisons Registration
Policy and Funding
Political Makeup
Poll Tax
Polling Districts and Polling Places Review
Pollution - Air Quality
Pollution - Contaminated Land
Pollution - Control
Pollution - Noise
Poorhouse Records
Postal Address Queries
Potholes - Report
Power of Attorney - Start the Conversation
Preparing for Adverse Weather Conditions
Preparing your home for Winter
Press Office
Press Releases
Primary Schools
Private Sector - Housing
Procurement - Tayside Consortium
Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Places
Property and Land - Area Search
Property Assets
Property Division
Property Enquiry Certificates
Property Registers
Property Repairs - Private / Mutual
Protecting Adults in Dundee from Harm
Protecting Children
Protecting People in Dundee
Provost / Lord Provost - Welcome
Proxy Votes
Public Analysts/Scientific Services
Public and Charitable Collections (Flag Days and House to House)
Public Art
Public Car Parks
Public Charitable Collections
Public Clocks
Public Conveniences
Public Health
Public Health - Infectious Diseases
Public Health Fixed Penalty Payments - Pay
Public Holidays
Public Nuisance Fixed Penalty Payments - Pay
Public Roads - List of
Public Safety and Dangerous Buildings
Public Sector Purchasing
Public Toilets
Public Transport
Puffin Crossings