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Family History Request
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This form allows you to request that Dundee City Council Research the Details of a Family line in Scotland. It is normally possible to trace each family branch back to the late 17th Century, although this cannot be guaranteed in each case. It is also possible to trace lineage forwards, to locate surviving family in Scotland.

The cost for Family History Research is £30.00 per hour. It is advisable however, to commission at least 2 or 3 hours research to allow a comprehensive report to be completed. If you have a simple, particular request which does not require a report, one hour research should be sufficient.

Please note that the cost for this Service is payable in advance. Should we be unable to trace the person's details, we will contact you with the appropriate advice. A full refund will follow.

Please indicate the amount of research that you would like the registrar to undertake:


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This form is for Requesting Family History, please click on the links below for other services offered by the Registrars that you can request from here:
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Contact Information
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Please tell us who the Report has to be sent to.

Details of the Family Member to be Researched
Details as they are recorded on the Certificate.

Please complete the Place and Date or Approximate Year for the person being researched in the following areas :- Birth, Marriage and Death (if available)

Approximate Year:

Approximate Year:

Approximate Year:

Now tell us about their parents and spouse (if applicable)

Please complete any further information or specific instructions


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