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Dundee's Twins Around the World

Dundee Twinning Logos
  • Alexandria, USA
  • Nablus, Palestine
  • Orléans, France
  • Würzburg, Germany

"We believe strongly in the social, cultural and economic benefits of twinning with cities around the world," says Dundee Lord Provost John Letford. "Our link with Orléans, for instance, has lasted more than half a century and is as strong as ever."

"Dundee particularly encourages exchanges between young people so they can learn about each other's lives and build friendships which will last well into the 21st century. The city's universities are particularly active in establishing links around the globe."

"Twinning is a wonderful way to share skills and knowledge and learn from each other, and it is always a pleasure to welcome people from our twin cities when they come to discover Dundee."

The main aims of twinning are:

  • to promote the fostering of friendship and understanding.
  • to encourage visits by individuals and groups between the cities, developing personal contacts thus broadening understanding of cultural, educational, recreational and commercial activities between the cities.
  • to promote and encourage twinning projects between the twin cities and organise fund raising to foster these aims.

The first twinning link was in 1946 when Dundee twinned with Orléans in France and links with Würzburg, Alexander and Nablus followed. In 1993 the then Lord Provost of Dundee, Tom McDonald, invited interested parties to meetings in the City of set up individual Associations to promote these aims.

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