Additional Support Needs Information

What are "additional support needs"?

A child or young person is said to have additional support needs if he or she is unable to benefit from school or pre-school education without help which is normally given to children or young people of the same age.

Additional support needs can arise from a variety of circumstances. These fall broadly into four categories:

  • The Learning environment
  • Family circumstances
  • Disability or health needs
  • Social or emotional factors

Additional support needs may last a short time, some may last for some months and some may last over a year. Some children will have needs that will last their whole lives.

Additional Support for Learning:  A Guide for Parents and Carers - Enquire

It is very important to note that the same or similar circumstances will not always have the same effect or create the same kind of need for additional support for all children. So some children who appear to have similar problems may well be supported in very different ways.

If you have any questions please contact:

Janette Kerr
Education Support Officer for Additional Support Needs 
Tel: 01382 433984.