Dundee City Council Instagram Relaunch

The Dundee City Council Instagram account has been given a whole new lease of life with the introduction of a week of different themes.  Each day of the week will now have it's very own dedicated hashtag which are explained in more detail below:

#MeetMonday - The idea of #MeetMonday is to meet an employee of the council or our partner agencies and raise awareness of the vast and varied roles that people undertake on a day to day basis to ensure the council and partner agencies deliver the best services they can to the people of Dundee and beyond.

#TerrificTuesday - #TerrificTuesday is when we get to celebrate success from around Dundee. For example, if a school in Dundee was to post a picture of their pupils winning an award, we would ask them if we could share this photo on our Instagram feed. The great thing about #TerrificTuesday is that it is not just limited to schools, it can be anyone from Dundee that has celebrated success!

#WowWednesday - #WowWednesday allows us to show off what a beautiful city Dundee is. If landscape photos or photos of stunning sun rises/sunsets are your thing, make sure to keep an eye on on #WowWednesday.

#ThrowbackThursday - #ThrowbackThursday allows us to delve into past with help from our friends at Dundee City Archives, and dig out those little gems that have been long forgotten. From the bus depot of Shore Terrace to what City Square looked like before it was pedestrianised, we will have it all!

#FeatureFriday - If you are a budding photographer, this is your chance to have your work featured on our Instagram feed. All you need to do is post a photo on Instagram and include the hashtag #InsTaygram and we could feature it on our feed for #FeatureFriday!

We hope you enjoy our new promotion of Dundee through our Instagram feed!