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Housing Options in Dundee - Caledonia Housing Association

Caledonia Housing Association is the new organisation formed following the merger of Servite Housing Association and Perthshire Housing Association.

We provide housing and support services in Dundee, Angus, Perthshire and Fife. We are a registered social landlord and a Scottish charity, run on a not-for-profit basis. Our Management Committee is made up of volunteers who oversee the work of the staff based at our Broughty Ferry Office at our various housing developments throughout Tayside and Fife.

Contact details
118 Strathern Road,
Dundee DD5 1JW Map
Tel: 01382 480915

Type of housing available

  • Amenity Housing - 156 units in Dundee
  • General needs family housing - 53 units in Dundee
  • General needs single person housing - 65 units in Dundee
  • Sheltered housing - 243 units in Dundee
  • Very Sheltered Housing - 30 units in Dundee
  • Dundee Stock Infomation


  • Amenity Housing internal design of these properties are similar to our sheltered houses, but are not linked to an alarm system or have staff located on site. Priority is given to people aged 50+.
  • General needs properties suit a range of applicants - single people, couples or families are not specifically designed to suit any physical need.
  • Wheelchair housing have specially designed kitchens and showers. Doors and hallways are larger than usual with sufficient turning space and there are no internal or external stairs.
  • Sheltered housing is designed to suit older people and priority is given to retired applicants and aged 60+.
    • Staff are on site week days during office hours.
    • Each house is linked to a 24Hr alarm system allowing emergency help to be summoned at any time.
    • Schemes have a tenants lounge, Scheme office, laundry & guest room.
  • Very Sheltered housing is general similar to sheltered housing developments except: lunch & dinner is provided for tenants; Staff are on site for longer and a specially equipped bathroom is available for assisted bathing.

Who can apply

  • Anyone 16 years and over can apply for our housing.
  • Sheltered and very sheltered housing priority will be given to applicants over 60 or those with health and support needs.
  • Amenity housing priority will be given to applicants over 50.
  • Younger applicants whose mental or physical disabilities mean they require Sheltered or Amenity housing can also apply.

Where and how to apply

  • We operate a choice based system called HOMEHUNT,
  • You need to register with us before you can apply for a house.
  • Registration is a quick & easy process.
    • All we need is your name, address and date of birth, and the names and dates of birth of everyone who will move with you, and we ask you to sign a few simple statements to confirm you are eligible for housing under our scheme.
  • Registration can be completed "while you wait" at our Broughty Ferry office or you can apply by post, telephone or online at HOMEHUNT and we will then post out a short form for you to sign and return.
  • As a registered homehunter, you will receive a registration pack.
  • This includes information about how to apply for advertised houses, and forms to register for a priority if you are homeless or have health/support needs or if your current property is in poor condition or overcrowded.

How applications are assessed

  • Vacancies are advertised:
    • in all editions or the Courier on a Thursday.
    • on our information line 0800 3287932.
    • at HOMEHUNT as they become available for letting.
  • Once the closing date for a vacancy has been reached we will look at everyone who applied for the property and will normally make an offer according to the following steps:
  1. Who will make best use of the property - for example, by using disabled adaptions, or accessing associated support services.
  2. If there are more than one applicant who would make best use of the the property, we will offer it to the person with the highest level priority pass
  3. If there is more than one person with the same level of priority pass, or if there is more than one person applying and no priority passes are being used, then the offer will go to the person who registered with the Association first.

Rent Levels

  • Rent levels are comparable to other housing associations in the area.
  • Tenants can apply for to the council's housing benefit's section for assistance to pay their rent, who will base their ability to pay base on the applicants circumstances.

Repairs and maintenance

  • Tenants have access to a fully comprehensive repairs service and a 24hr emergency repair freephone help line


  • Grant funding is available for adaptions.
  • This is subject to the type and priority of adaptation firstly being assessed by the Social Work Occupational Therapy department

Right to Buy

  • Tenants do not have the right to buy our properties

Transfers and Mutual exchanges

  • Written permission would be required for a mutual exchange, all Servite tenants have free access to the Homeswappers scheme.
  • Tenants wishing to transfer must complete a HOMEHUNT registration form.