Making life easier in the kitchen

DILC is not a shop. We do not supply, loan, hire or sell equipment. As a result there is never any pressure on you! Our only objective is to assist you to identify the most appropriate way to deal with your difficulties.

DILC has two kitchen layouts. Our first kitchen has a standard layout to mimic what most of us have at home.  The second kitchen has height adjustable sink unit, hob and wall cabinets with special features such as drop down baskets and double size pull out work surfaces.

This room probably houses the biggest range of equipment including:

  • Cutlery, plates, mugs and cups.
  • Jar and bottle openers.
  • Household, cleaning and laundry equipment.
  • Food preparation.

However equipment is not the only possible solution. It is worthwhile arranging a visit to discuss what your options might be.