Taxi Liaison Group - 26/04/2011

At a MEETING of the TAXI LIAISON GROUP held at Dundee on 26th April, 2011.








Stuart GALLOWAY, Principal General Services Officer, Support Services Department

Brian WOODCOCK, Senior Solicitor, Licensing, Support Services Department

Neil GELLATLY, City Development Department

Dave LINDSAY, City Development Department




Erik THORESEN, Dundee Hackney Association

David YOUNG, Dundee Private Hire Ltd

Graeme STEPHEN, Dundee Taxi Association

Doug MARTIN, Tay Taxis

John CURRAN, Tele Taxis

Chris ELDER, Unite the Union




Dave BARCLAY, (Chief Inspector)

Gordon TAYLOR, (Inspector)

Cammy FORBES, (Constable)

Neil CRUICKSHANK, (Constable)


Stuart GALLOWAY, in the Chair.




The Chair made a reference to Article IV of the minute of meeting of the Licensing Committee held on 31st March 2011, wherein it was agreed that elected members of Dundee City Council no longer form part of the Taxi Liaison Group, and welcomed everyone to the meeting. Introductions were made.




The Chair advised everyone present that this meeting had been convened specifically to consider the taxi situation at the G Casino, Marketgait, Dundee, with a view to developing proposals to resolve the issues encountered to the satisfaction of interested parties and, to that effect, he would welcome feedback from those present and indicated that everyone would have a fair and equal opportunity to make contributions.


Chief Inspector Dave Barclay outlined the position of Tayside Police at this location and their concerns for public safety in the vicinity resulting from practices of taxi drivers witnessed by officers and the police enforcement action taken as a result of this being a designated clearway. Inspector Gordon Taylor of Tayside Police further elaborated on these concerns and the wish of Tayside Police for a solution to be found to allow this area to be best serviced.


Observations and suggestions from each member of the taxi trade who was present were made to Tayside Police and Dundee City Council officer representatives. Chief Inspector Dave Barclay and Neil Gellatly of the City Development Department replied to each of these suggestions in turn and the group were invited to inspect a layout plan of the area in question.


Following a full debate, the Group noted that there were a number of possible solutions to allow demand to be met in the interest of all parties which would require further investigation by the City Development Department in consultation with Tayside Police, and in advance of any formal decision being made by an appropriate Committee of the Council, that Tayside Police and Dundee City Council would allow the bus stop located outside the Tesco store in Hawkhill to be used as a temporary rank for taxis late at night and early morning and, at this time, the measure had the full coโ€‘operation and backing of the taxi trade representatives who were present at the meeting.




Neil Gellatly, City Development Department tabled a draft outline of how information may be displayed within proposed taxi totems at ranks within the Dundee area. The Group noted the content and that some information would be subject to adjustment and that the prototype proposed for the Nethergate rank would be provided from within the appropriate budget of the City Development Department, in the first instance, with further totems being provided from revenue received from taxi licences.





Stuart GALLOWAY, Chair.