Local Review Body - 19/03/2013

At a MEETING of the LOCAL REVIEW BODY held at Dundee 19th March, 2013.




Depute Lord Provost Christina ROBERTS

Councillor Craig MELVILLE

Councillor Tom FERGUSON


Depute Lord Provost Christina ROBERTS, in the Chair.




The Chair welcomed those present to the meeting and briefly outlined the role of the Local Review Body and officers, in particular advising that, although the Planning Adviser was an employee of the Planning Authority, he had not been involved in the determination of the case under review and was present to provide factual information and guidance only.




Councillor Craig Melville declared a non-financial interest in the request for a review of the decision in respect of the refusal of planning permission for the conversion of an existing industrial unit to form an Indoor Football Centre at Unit 1, Forties Road, Baldovie Industrial Estate, Dundee, and declined to take part in the matter. This was by virtue of being an employee of Stewart Hosie, MP, who had submitted a letter of support in respect of the application.


In the circumstances, the Local Review Body agreed to adjourn the meeting to allow the appointment of a substitute member.





Christina ROBERTS, Chairperson.