Exclusion Rates Reduce

Exclusion Rates Reduce Image

Exclusions from Dundee schools have now been cut from the highest rate in the country to meet the national average, councillors will hear on Monday (August 22).

A detailed report on attendance, absence and exclusion outlines that attendance rates have remained static, but highlights the efforts that are ongoing to improve the situation.

Children and families service committee convener Councillor Stewart Hunter said: “The Fairness Commission set a target to reduce exclusions to the national average, and we have already achieved that.

“A huge amount of work has been ongoing in our schools through a number of innovative projects.

“We have been assisting young people to focus on better outcomes rather than face the prospect of further exclusion.

“Pupils are being helped to address their behaviour, realise the negative impact that it has on them and then move forward to gain better chances for themselves.

"In our primary schools, the introduction of family development workers is designed to provide early intervention on educational and social needs.

"Early intervention can make a real difference to children from an early age, as well as their families. This assists in promoting learning and encouraging the potential of pupils.”

The percentage of half school days lost to exclusion sat at 0.04% in Dundee primaries and secondaries in 2015/16, which is the same as the Scottish average.

The Dundee figure sat at 0.11% in 2012/13, compared to a Scottish figure of 0.04%.

Attendance rates in Dundee stand at 92.5%, compared to 92.3% in 2012/13.

Councillor Hunter added: “Our aim is to work together with families, to support and encourage them and that is why we run an ongoing campaign to highlight the situation.

“We are absolutely determined to close the attainment gap across Dundee and we want to encourage our pupils to make the most of their time at school as possible.

“If pupils are not in school regularly, they will not be learning.

“Everyone connected with education in Dundee is ambitious for our young people, so that they can succeed and go on to positive destinations when they leave school.

“Apart from the impact on a pupil’s education, there is also the danger that children not attending school are putting themselves at risk in our communities. This is something that we want to stop.”

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