Interactive Learning for Safe Taysiders

Interactive Learning for Safe Taysiders  Image


Nearly 1600 P7 pupils from across Dundee schools have been learning safety lessons for life at the annual Safe Taysiders event.

The children have been put to the test see how they would handle a variety of emergency situation.

Special scenarios are staged by staff, volunteers and representatives from the emergency services and other Community Safety Partnerships agencies.

These are tailored to test the reactions of the young people and educate them about to what to do if they are ever faced with a real emergency situation.

Scenarios the young people will deal with include a burning building, internet safety, beach safety, anti social behaviour, stranger danger, electricity dangers, drugs and alcohol, flood dangers, safe travel and building site safety.

The event is run in partnership with Police Scotland, Dundee City Council’s Community Safety team, Anti Social Behaviour Team, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Xplore Dundee, RNLI, Police Scotland Youth Volunteers, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Addaction and Scottish & Southern Energy.

The pupils will come away with a better understanding of the impact of risk taking behaviour on themselves and others.  They will also learn how to protect themselves and others from potential dangers in their communities.  It is hoped these very important messages will stay with them as they develop into young adults.

Community safety and public protection committee convener Councillor Alan Ross who attended, said: “Safe Taysiders is fantastic for children as they will learn in an immersive and interactive way to deal with situations.

“They will have a better understanding of the impact of risk taking behaviour on themselves and others

“It is great to see initiatives like this continue in the city; they are invaluable to our children and will have a lasting impact.”

The highest scoring class will be awarded with a free trip to the cinema, courtesy of Cineworld Cinemas, Camperdown Leisure park.

Safe Taysiders is sponsored by CJ Lang, Cineworld, Dundee City Council’s Children and Families Service, Police Scotland, HSS and BT Openreach.


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