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A NEW COUNCIL house repairs policy which creates an “emergency” category along with a proposed six hour response time is set to be discussed by councillors next week.

Members of Dundee City Council’s neighbourhood service committee will be asked to back the new category which will include repairs needed to prevent serious damage to the building or which pose a danger to health, risk to safety or risk of serious loss or damage to the occupier’s property.

John Alexander committee convener said: “Urgent repairs will continue to be completed within the target of one working day, while the targets for quick-fix repairs and routine repairs will remain at five and 15 working days respectively.

“As well as bringing the council into line with the way many other local authorities and Registered Social Landlords carry out and report their repairs performance, I know from our consultations with tenants’ groups that they are fully behind tis change and the benefits it will bring.

“Considering that the council spends around £11m a year on repairs to its housing stock in order to keep it up to the high standards tenants have come to expect this is a significant undertaking.”

Under the new policy some repairs will be re-categorised as “planned” to allow for better organisation and more efficient use of resources such as access equipment, or the bulk buying of materials such as tarmacadam for footpath repairs, or bulk production in the joiners or blacksmiths shops for fencing.

The council will undertake to complete planned repairs within three months of notification.

In order to maintain council housing the external cyclical maintenance programme (ECM) is currently carried out on an eight year cycle.

It maintains mutual elements such as rainwater goods, internal paintwork, external paintwork, external entrance doors, pipework and handrails.

Cyclical maintenance is completed following surveys to determine the how much work is needed.

The proposed policy was developed in full consultation with Dundee Federation of Tenants, Dundee Association of Council House Owners and Registered Tenants Organisations and other stakeholders and it contains the improvements identified by them.

It will be discussed by the council’s neighbourhood services committee on Monday (September 12).

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